Hello and welcome to my personal blog.

I am Jonathan Ward, a 30-something IT Professional born in Birmingham, UK.

I am currently an ERP Technical Consultant, working for Epicor a global (US Based) ERP Software Company.

Outside of the day job I’m a fairly normal, married homeowner with a cat 3 cats! I support West Bromwich Albion Football Club and go to as many home games as I can. I have a nice car, a great wife, and everything a man could want, especially in the current global situation we are all in.

Politics is not my thing at all unless perhaps the Technology sectors are affected. I follow all the latest tech trends, even have my own tech blog (www.wardnet.co.uk), and of course, have my own custom-built PC (now a few years old so not the greatest by today’s standards). I also have a few servers, a network cabinet, and an array of virtualized environments for all my testing!

On the games front, I like simulation/ strategy/ management style games, my Steam collection is a mixture of every Football Manager since 2009 and the Valve collection (Half-Life, Counterstrike, etc.), on top of that add Sim City and similar and you can work out what I’m in to.

TV-wise I like Sci-Fi, crime dramas, comedies, all the usual stuff really, a mixture of Plex, Netflix and YouTube fulfill most evenings in our house.

Traveling is a keen interest, although most of where I go is determined by work and the location of a relative. My Dad currently lives in the US.

Well, that’s me, I hope I’m not too boring for you 🙂

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