Enhancing the delivery of virtualised labs in Academic curricular

Welcome to my Final Year Project micro-site.


What is this?

This site is dedicated to providing all the content that features in my final year university project. The deadline for the report was 17th May 2011.

What’s the project?

The project title is: Enhancing the delivery of virtualised labs in Academic curricular

To propose a new or improved platform for teaching virtualised based curriculum at BCU

  1. Identify a method of  establishing change in an ICT Infrastructure
  2. Model and capture existing platform of delivery
  3. Research and analyse alternative platform and technologies.
  4. Propose and design a secure solution for the ‘Infrastructure Technologies’ theme at CTN/ BCU
  5. Develop and test a prototype solution for delivery of virtualised labs
  6. Evaluate the sustainability of the solution, and make recommendations.

The existing method uses desktop virtualisation on individual “fat clients” to provide lab sessions to 20-30 students at a time, with the increase in demands with new infrastructure platforms such as Windows Server 2008 these virtual machines get larger over time and drain the individual host machine resources.
The course director wants a more centralised, manageable solution where virtual machines can be launched on the fly and even customised on a session by session basis.

February 2011 – EPSIAE

At the end of February I visited Amsterdam for 2 weeks with some colleagues from university and we discuess Green ICT and Sustainability as part of the EPSIAE program with students from Holland, Austria, Slovenia, Greece and Finland. We created a facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/GreenICT which has updates from all the events including visits to Cisco, IBM and Microsoft. There are also plenty of photos.


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