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  • She’s here and she’s beautiful

    She’s here and she’s beautiful

    On Sunday 5th February, at 07:50 my wonderful wife Hannah delivered our beautiful daughter, Evelyn. It was a rocky start, she spent 36 hours in Neonatal Intensive Care, but made huge improvements quickly and we were all home within 54 hours, a whirlwind few days, and as I reflect on the week that has passed, […]

  • 2017 Review

    2017 Review

    It’s that time of year again! December 30th 2017, the day when lots of people start planning what to wear in order to see the beginning of 2018 in style. In our family we’ll be going for our annual curry (albeit at a different restaurant this year) and having a nice calm evening with a […]

  • A Year of Two Halves

    A quick timeline for you: April 2015 – Change job from BMS (as Infrastructure Manager) to Magna Interiors (IT Support Analyst) 31st August 2015 – Magna Interiors acquired by Grupo Antolin November 2015 – Personal decision made to start looking for a different job – bring on the LinkedIn messages/ Recruiter calls! 7th December […]

  • Recent USA Trip

    Recent USA Trip

    Most of our friends and family will be aware of our recent trip to Georgia, USA to see my Dad and Erin with their awesome 4 dogs! I have posted the photos from my phone onto a new gallery on here for all to see: USA 2016 Gallery We had a great 15 days with lots […]

  • New Year, New Job, New Outlook on Life

    Happy New Year to all, 2016 IS going to be a good year, I have a feeling! I am more than happy to say goodbye to 2015, compared to the previous few years it wasn’t one of stunning highlights, that said I did embark on some very adventurous challenges and came through them all with […]

  • 6 Months In

    It has been 6 months since my last blog post on here! This is not the only thing that has been neglected in recent times, my entire online presence has become somewhat muted as I have thrown myself into the new role outlined in the previous post. 6 months is a long time in anyone’s […]

  • 1413 Days

    Yes, it really has been that long. Almost 4 years since I left university and started my IT career at BMS. After 1413 days I am proud to say I feel a lot has been achieved; on a personal level I have graduated, rented my first flat, then my first house, and now have joined […]

  • Last day of the honeymoon 🙁

    So as we sit here on our 5th floor suite balcony on what is so far the cooler of our days here, I find myself wondering why have we waited so long to do a proper holiday like this. Yes we had a lot of hassle with 3 hour delays on the way out but […]

  • 5 Week Countdown

    On Saturday 6th September 2014 I will be entering the world of marriage with my wonderful better half Hannah. After 2 years of wedding planning, and 6 years of being together this chapter of our lives draws to a conclusion in 5 weeks time, in fact as I write this I am thinking how at […]

  • RIAT 2014 Gallery

    After a fantastic weekend at RIAT 2014 in Fairford I have just uploaded some of our better pictures to a gallery here: