Last day of the honeymoon 🙁

image So as we sit here on our 5th floor suite balcony on what is so far the cooler of our days here, I find myself wondering why have we waited so long to do a proper holiday like this. Yes we had a lot of hassle with 3 hour delays on the way out but once we arrived the tension in the shoulders subsided and the sun cream came out! I’m not one for sitting by the pool and catching the rays normally, however after months of build up to the wedding of the century I thought a break was deserved. 3 days of swimming and sunbathing was the most relaxing thing I’ve ever done in my almost 26 years on this earth. We broke the routine with a day at the shops then a morning at AquaLand (not as big as I remember but a lot of fun) and now we’re chilling on the balcony as the picture above shows! In some ways I don’t want to go home, its warm here, the people are friendly and we still have satellite TV! Also site-wide WiFi and a whole floor with PCs and Desk Space means surely I could just stay here and do my work from here??? (Do we have a suggestion box back at the office?) In short its been awesome here, I’ll be happy to start married life properly once we’re back and we’ll have some great memories, who knows we may even come back!





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